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Of all the presentations at WordCamp Dallas/Fort Worth, our favorite was about using WordPress as a CMS. The presentation was done by Scott Clark, who did a fantasticĀ  job.

The reason we enjoyed it so much is because it really focused on what WordPress is capable of. It’s true that WordPress is very powerful right out of the box, but with an add-on plugin it can become so much more.

5 Plugins That Extend WordPress

Just take a look at the plugins below and see a glimpse of the featues that can currently be added to WordPress:

  1. BuddyPress – Adds a social networking layer to WordPress MU that allows members to have more interaction.
  2. NextGEN Gallery – Adds a fully integrated photo gallery to WordPress.
  3. Advertising Manager – Allows you to control which ads display on your blog.
  4. WP e-Commerce – Takes WordPress to a whole new level by integrating a shopping cart system.
  5. WP-Polls – Allows you to display polls where visitors can answer questions and view results.

Each one of the plugins above added new features to WordPress that are not included by default. This goes to show how powerful WordPress can become if you have the right tools to work with.

Take It A Step Further

While all the plugins above add unique features, it still might not give you all the options you need to use WordPress as a full-blown CMS. That’s where Pods comes in. Pods gives you a whole new range of features that involve custom content types. With this plugin, you are no longer limited to posts and pages.

Some of the key features of Pods include:

  • Custom fields with relationships
  • Custom content types (independent of WordPress)
  • Versatile Templating
  • Pod Pages
  • Forms

As you can see, Pods is a very powerful plugin. It gives you a whole new section of features inside the WordPress dashboard. For more information and some useful videos on the many features it offers, check out the Pods website.

WordPress Is Fully Capable

Scott said it best when he closed his presentation with this saying: “Use WordPress as a CMS, it’s more than capable.” Give these plugins a try on your website and see the many benefits of using WordPress as more than just a blogging platform.

And check out this awesome song Scott performed about using WordPress as a CMS:

Posted By: Justin Wright

This post was published by Justin Wright on June 29th, 2009.

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