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When it comes to premium WordPress themes, we highly recommend WooThemes. Not only do we utilize one of their themes on this site, but we also have hands on experience customizing their themes for clients. We can honestly say they are some of the cleanest and best designed WordPress themes available.

Great Design

Our favorite thing about WooThemes is that they do a great job with the design aspect of their themes. They look professional, clean, and unlike any free themes out there. We liked their designs so much we ended up choosing one of them for this site. It rocks!

Some of our favorite designs include:



WooTube is a video theme that allows you to create your own video website using the WordPress platform. It’s simple to use yet looks very professional.

Over Easy


Over Easy is a portfolio style layout that can be used for a company website or personal portfolio. It has a built in content slider for the homepage which is really cool. It’s easy to configure as well.

Flash News Theme


If you’re looking to run a magazine style website using WordPress, look no further than the Flash News Theme. It’s a great looking design that utilized a magazine layout for your content.

Custom Theme Options

Another thing we really like about WooThemes is the custom options. Depending on the theme you use, you may get some configuration options that look like this:


As you can see, each of these options has a plus sign next to them. This expands each section to give even more options to customize your theme. Here’s what the sidebar options look like when expanded:


This allows you to define which sidebars should show pages on what type of content the reader is viewing. We currently run two different sidebars, one for the blog and one for everything else within the site.

Great Support

When it comes to using the themes, WooThemes provides you with clear and detailed documentation. That way you can go through and figure out what each setting does in your theme.

They also have a great support forum, where you can ask questions and get feedback. It’s a great place if you are new to WordPress, especially when it comes to using premium themes.

Pricing Options

Another great thing about WooThemes is the fact that they give you multiple pricing options. If you would like to purchase one theme, you can simply get a standard package for that theme. However, the real bargain is the WooThemes club membership. For only $55 more than one theme, you can get access to ALL of the WooThemes!

That way you can use their themes on a variety of your websites and blogs.

Want to learn more or purchase a theme? Visit WooThemes now.

Posted By: Justin Wright

This post was published by Justin Wright on September 3rd, 2009.

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