Tim Ferriss: Blogging Without Killing Yourself

When it comes to blogging, Tim Ferriss is a perfect example of someone who knows what they’re doing. He uses web analytics and experiments to figure out what works and what doesn’t. He also knows exactly what he wants to get from his blog.

Tim was one of the speakers at the San Francisco WordCamp this year and did an amazing presentation on blogging without killing yourself. He touched base on what he uses his blog for, what he does to get the best results, and also answered some questions from the audience.

We highly recommend watching this video as it contains some great tips on blogging. The length comes in at just over 50 minutes but it’s well worth it to take the time to watch the whole thing.

What are your thoughts on the presentation? Learn anything you might use on your own blog? If so, feel free to leave some feedback below.

Posted By: Justin Wright

This post was published by Justin Wright on July 13th, 2009.

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