The Zoop Media Site Is Done!

After spending the last few weeks working on the site, we can proudly say we are pretty much done (then again, are sites ever done?). The site started out really basic but has been getting better and better as we continue to work on it. When creating the site, we wanted to make sure it showed off our work and talents as best as possible. We also wanted to utilize WordPress for the entire thing and we managed to do it!

We decided to break the site down into a few sections. Below are some quick notes about each of the sections.


The blogs section is strictly for blogs that belong to Zoop Media. We did not want to mix up the blogs we have worked on for our clients with the ones we own and operate. So we thought it was important to split them up and make it easy to tell the two apart.


The clients section was one of the most important parts of the site because it shows off our work. It serves as an overall portfolio of all of our projects. Using the thumbail feature, we have a image next to the name of each website under the clients page. It’s a quick way to see some of our work. We are pretty happy with the outcome of it.


Like the clients page, the services section was also very important to us. So we setup just like the clients page, only it features different services we offer. We even created some thumbnails for each of the services to keep it visually appealing. Looks pretty good to us!

The Zoop Media Blog

The blog, which you are reading now, is actually running off a different instance of WordPress. Since the theme we are using on the main site isn’t really setup for blogging, we decided to give the blog a separate theme that is easier to read. Overall, it plays really well into the website and keeps the look and feel of the original site.

Stay tuned for some more posts, we have just started…

Posted By: Justin Wright

This post was published by Justin Wright on January 11th, 2009.

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