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Continuing with our in-depth overviews of premium WordPress themes, today we wanted to give you a breakdown of the StudioPress themes. StudioPress is one of the most popular sets of premium WordPress themes available. They are professionally designed and coded and feature some amazing layouts.

Awesome Layouts

One of the main advantages to using a StudioPress theme is the layout. Many of their themes feature a magazine style layout, which can be hard to find with free themes. They also do a great job of implementing featured content sections, which can really make your site look professional.

Some of our favorite layouts include:

Church Theme


Church is a great theme with an awesome design and layout. It has a featured content section, along with a useful homepage that will feature articles from any category you specify.

Magazine Theme


The Magazine theme is another great example of a professional layout. This theme works great, especially if you want to use WordPress to run an online magazine or newspaper.

Great Designs

Another great thing about StudioPress themes are the designs. They all feature custom images, backgrounds, and awesome color schemes. You would have to pay a web designer a hefty price to design you something similiar to these themes.

Of all the awesome designs, this one is our favorite:

Album Theme


The album theme is built to be a photo album style website. The design is amazing and comes with 7 different color schemes, which can easily be switched to suit your needs.

Custom Features

Much like WooThemes, StudioPress themes also come with custom options. Most of them have a feedburner form built right in to the theme, which makes it a breeze to allow your readers to sign up for email updates.

Here’s an example of a few theme options:

Picture 2

As you can see, it’s really easy to configure the themes.

Support Is Included

When you purchase a StudioPress theme, you get unlimited support from their experts. They also have detailed theme tutorials that show you how to setup and customize the theme you purchase. That way you don’t have to worry about whether or not you will be able to figure the theme out.

So if you are new to WordPress, have no worries when purchasing a StudioPress theme. If you need some heavy customizations done, feel free to contact us. We’ve got a ton of experience customizing their themes.

Pricing Options

When it comes to pricing, you have two options:

1. You can buy a single theme for only $59.95. It’s a great deal and cheaper than some of the other premium WordPress themes available.

2. You can get the all themes package, which includes ALL of the StudioPress themes. This goes for $199.95, which is a steal!

Interested? Head on over to StudioPress and take a look at their themes. We’re positive you’ll find something you like.

Posted By: Justin Wright

This post was published by Justin Wright on September 4th, 2009.

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