WordPress Coaching

At first glance WordPress can be very intimidating on the backend, especially if you have little to no experience in managing websites. With over 6 years experience using WordPress, we can help train you on how to use the platform to its full potential.

What We Cover

We cover anything WordPress related. Some of the common things include:

  • Using WordPress
  • Managing Content
  • Using Plugins
  • Customizing WordPress Themes
  • Search Engine Optimization

We can also cover custom topics for more advanced users upon request. So feel free to let us know exactly what you are looking for.

How We Coach

The great thing about our WordPress coaching service is that it is available everyone, regardless of where you are located. We are available using any of the methods below:

  • Custom Video Tutorials (Most Popular) – We create custom videos based on your questions and then publish them on our website so can watch them. That way you can go back and watch them again if you miss anything.
  • Email Tutorials w/ Screen Captures – We can create custom tutorials and then email them to you. We try to include screen captures as often as possible so you can also see what we are talking about. Just like video tutorials, our clients love this method because they get instructions they can keep.
  • Skype w/ Screen Sharing – We can meet up with you on Skype and use screen sharing to show you solutions to any of your questions or problems.
  • Instant Message – For basic questions, a simple instant message conversation can go along way.
  • Telephone Conference – If you prefer to talk to one of our WordPress ninjas on the phone, we would be more than happy to schedule a coaching session.

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