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When it comes to creating a high quality blog or website, the first thing you should focus on is a professional looking design. The best way to get a great design without breaking the bank is by using a premium WordPress theme.

Not only are these themes professionally designed, but they also contain a handful of features that are not typically found in free themes. Plus you get access to support and updates whenever the themes are updated to work with the latest version of WordPress.

Over the past 6 years, we’ve used 100’s of different WordPress themes and we know which ones are worth trying which ones aren’t. Below you will find a collection of over 50 premium WordPress themes that we personally use and recommend to all of our clients.

If you decide to purchase one of themes, we want to personally thank you. We receive a small commission from each theme sale which we use to keep our website up and running.

Recommended Theme Vendors

Below are the WordPress theme vendors we highly recommend to all our clients:

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Featured Themes


If you haven’t heard of the new Headway theme for WordPress, you are missing out on something amazing. It’s unlike any other WordPress theme currently on the market.

Why? Because it allows you to drag and drop your website or blogs layout. In other words, you can easily rearrange your content and customize the colors, fonts, and features included in the theme.

For this theme, a screenshot will not do it justice. Here is a video of how you can build a complete WordPress blog or website in as little as 15 minutes using Headway:

Price: Personal: $87 / Developer: $164

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Thesis is a unique theme because it acts as both a theme and as a framework. Thesis includes it’s own design options, which can be configured from within the WordPress administration panel . Thesis can also act as a framework to build upon, which makes it a great option for developers.


Price: Personal: $87 / Developer: $164

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Suit & Tie

Believe it or not, the Suit & Tie theme is what personally use here on ZoopMedia. We’ve done some extensive modifications to it, but it still runs everything you see here. We love this theme and highly recommend it.


Price: Standard: $70 / Developer: $150

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Didn’t Find A Theme You Like?

We can help you find a premium WordPress theme to fit your needs. Feel free to contact us and we’ll help you find a theme based on your specific requirements.

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