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So you want to become a blogger? Blogging has taken over the internet in the last 5 years. People visit blogs everyday for useful information rather than magazines, newspapers, and company owned websites. They have provided a means of constantly updated information on more topics than one could have ever imagined.

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So What Is A Blog?

The term blog actually deprived from the word weblog. It was later shorted to the term blog and has been known as that ever since. Basically, a blog is a type of website, that is updated on a more frequent basis. It serves more as a journal, and is made up “posts” or entries. Each post is given a date and time that it was published, which makes it easy for readers to know how new the content is. Depending on the topic or genre of the blog, they can be updated anywhere from once a month, to once a day depending on the author.

Blogs are very easy to maintain and require very little web design knowledge to get one started. They were created with usability in mind, making them easy to customize, change, and create. Even someone that has never used a website could follow the step by step directions to get a blog up in a matter of minutes.

What Makes Up A Blog

Like a website, a blog can contain multiple pages, as well as other features. Blogs are usually put together with a template/theme, which are the distinguishing factor in making them look different from one another. Each blog usually contains a header, body, sidebar, and footer.

The header is where the title and main logo are usually found at the top. This is the best part to make a brand of your blog, so people can remember it when they come back.

The body is where the main content is found, just like a report you may write for school. Nothing fancy happens here, although things can be added to spice it up a bit. A lot of bloggers include pictures in their blogs because it looks better on the eyes instead of straight text.

The sidebar is a column found on either side of the blog, which can contain widgets. A widget is basically a small piece of code that can do something specific. For example, a Most Popular Posts widget would display the most popular posts for any given blog in the side bar.

And last but not least, is the footer. The footer is found at the very bottom of the page, and usually contains links within the site as well as copyright information.

So The Question Is? Are You Ready?

Blogging is a fun and creative hobby. However, authors usually spend more time than they expect running their blogs. It can be very time consuming, especially in the beginning stages. It takes a lot of dedication, and more importantly, patience. If you do not have patience to build something, you may not be a good candidate for becoming a blogger.

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This post was published by Justin Wright on December 8th, 2008.

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