Do You Blog For Fun Or Money?

I question I often get asked is do I blog for the fun or money? This is a great question to ask yourself because it can change the way you approach blogging. There are some big differences between those that blog solely for money, and those that do it for fun.

If You Blog For Money

Then your main concern is generating income. You place tons of advertisements on your site and promote a lot of products in hopes of making some commissions. This works for many bloggers and one way of approaching the blogosphere.

However, the downside to this is many bloggers focus more on the monetization instead of their readers. This can make your blog less likely to become popular and will make it much more difficult to generate a large amount of traffic.

If You Blog For Fun

Lets face it, the majority of bloggers are doing it for the fun. A lot of people setup free blogs on blogger and start writing about their life, adventures, and anything else they want to share. The thought of making money from it never crosses their mind. There are no advertisements, and no affiliate promotions.

This is exactly how I was when I started blogging. I focused a lot more on writing and promoting my blog than I did with the monetization of it. So this is a great way to start out and learn the basics of blogging. The downside to those that blog for fun, is that they will not make money until they shift their approach.

The Best Of Both Worlds

Personally, I think the best possible way to blog is by combing these two different approaches. Blogging should be fun AND make you money. If you are not having fun, you will surely lose interest along the way because it is a long and winding journey. Making money along the way however, can keep you motivated to keep trying.

So I recommend blogging for fun, as well as money. This is the best way to become successful.

Posted By: Justin Wright

This post was published by Justin Wright on December 29th, 2008.

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  1. Jim Gaudet 30 December 2008 at 7:29 am permalink

    Have you heard of Chitika? It is a nice way to advertise within your blog. The cool feature is that it will only show the advertisements to people who have come in via search. Which means all of your RSS readers will not get the ads. And, they are the ones reading for content. You may get more people clicking an ad for a search term than a subscriber, in my mind.

  2. Carla 31 December 2008 at 12:29 am permalink

    Fortunately, I do it for both fun and money. I cant imagine it any other way. Good post, I just Tweeted it.

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