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When it comes to monetizing blogs, many bloggers start with Google Adsense. Why? Because it’s easy to sign up and even easier to integrate into your blog.

You simply copy the code Google gives you into a WordPress theme file or paste it into a text widget in your blogs sidebar. Within a matter of minutes, your blog is showing relevant ads to your visitors. Now it’s time to make money right?

Unfortunately, there is a problem with this procedure that may hurt your Adsense earnings.

The Problem – Not Everyone Should See Ads

If you followed the procedure above, your Adsense advertisements will display to anyone that visitors your blog (including yourself). Since the Adsense code is coded into your theme or sidebar, it will automatically show up on any post or page that includes your sidebar or the theme file you edited (such as single.php).

Why is this a bad thing?

Because not everyone clicks on ads. Matter of fact, the majority of your visitors will not click on ANY (it’s the sad truth). This will cause your CTR (click-thru-rate) to drop very quickly since you are getting impressions from all your visitors but not a lot of clicks. This is what leads to very low paying clicks.

Plus your daily visitors are going to develop ad blindness and they will not even notice the advertisements after a few days. Even worse, some of your daily readers may become irritated by the ads and stop visiting your blog.

So who should see the ads?

For the most part, only people from search engines should see Adsense ads. Why? Because they are looking for something specific. When they find your blog in the search engines, they click on it because they think it might have what they are looking for.

If it does, perfect. If not, they are going to continue on their way looking for it. So why not show them some Adsense ads that are highly relevant to what they are searching for? They have just as much incentive to click on an ad as they do the back button. This is the perfect situation!

So how do you set your ads to only display to certain people? We’ll give you a few options below.

Simple Solutions To Control Your Ads

Luckily, WordPress has a few plugins available that will do exactly what we want to do. Here’s a breakdown of the two we recommend and what makes them different from one another:

1. WhyDoWork.com Adsense

This is by far the easiest solution to controlling your Google Adsense ads. The plugin is a piece of cake to install and has a very simple administration panel to control it. For the most part, all you need to do is paste your Adsense code into one of the code sections of the plugin.

Then, you simple choose where to display that code section in your blog posts. You can choose between a bunch of options such as the top, middle, or bottom. The nice thing about this plugin is that you don’t have to add your Adsense code to any WordPress theme files. The plugin automatically does it for you.

The best feature this plugin has is the ability to filter which posts the ads will display on. You can set it so that your ads only show on posts older than a certain amount of days. This works great since most people viewing your old posts are finding them in the search engines. Plus it keeps the ads off of your recent posts so your daily visitors do not see them.

2. No Adverts For Friends

This plugin is similar to WhyDoWork, only it has a lot more features. The downside is that it is much more difficult to setup and requires some technical skills. However, once you have it setup it works perfectly. It’s the best solution of the two if you have the time to get it configured.

The reason this plugin is the best solution is because you can filter ads for many things, not just based on how old a post is. You can set it up so that anyone who has left a comment on your blog will not see ads. You can also set it so that anyone from the search engines will automatically see your ads.

This plugin works with a variety of code besides Google Adsense. So it’s a great way to control what your visitors are seeing based on a bunch of different parameters.

Regardless of the method you use, we highly suggest testing your ads. Every blog is unique and will see different results for each method used. The more you test, the more information you will have to optimize your blog for the best earnings.

Posted By: Justin Wright

This post was published by Justin Wright on July 6th, 2009.

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