WordPress Security After you have found cheap WordPress hosting and you have launched your WordPress blog, one vital step you must never skip is to protect your WordPress blog from getting hacked. If you are new to WordPress security and Web security in general, you might hope that there is a thick book, which lists, in detail, everything you need to do in order to protect your WordPress blog from getting hacked and then you have the safest WordPress blog on Earth.
WordPress is now available for Android powered devices. That way you can upload new posts and manage your blog or website even while you are away from your computer. Best of all, it is free for download. Here's a video with a brief overview of all the features:

As many of you know, we love WordCamps. They are a great place to learn new things about WordPress and get a glimpse of what’s happening on the development side. Plus they’re a great venue to meet local bloggers, developers, and WordPress fanatics.

Here’s some details about a few upcoming WordCamps:

WordCamp Boston

January 23
Boston, Massachusetts

WordCamp Indonesia

January 30
Jakarta, Indonesia

WordCamp Greece

January 30

WordCamp Miami

February 20
Miami, FL

WordCamp Fukuoka

February 27
Fukuoka, Japan

To see more details along with a list of all the upcoming WordCamps, check out the official WordCamp website....

When WordPress version 2.9 was released, it added a few new features that some people didn't notice. Here's a quick video that goes through all the new features and demonstrates how to use them: Our personal favorite is the new photo editing tool. It makes cropping, rotating, and editing images a lot easier now that you can do it directly in WordPress. Awesome!

If you didn’t noticed, the guys over at WordPress released version 2.9.1 yesterday. It contains a few small fixes, as well as fixed the scheduling issue that a lot of people were having. We’re glad to see that this one of the problems they fixed, as we’ve heard from a few people that they were having issues scheduling their blog posts.

If you haven’t updated your WordPress website yet, we highly recommend doing it as soon as possible. Just go to the tools section and choose upgrade....