Don’t Forget To Update Your Plugins

Update WordPress PluginsFrom time to time, we’ll log in to someones blog to help them out with various things. One of the things we often notice first is that they are running a lot of plugins that are out of date.

How Do We Know This?

By looking at the little orange notification that shows up next to the plugins section in the navigation menu (see picture).

Whenever you see the orange notification, WordPress is letting you know (in a nice way) that one or more of your plugins needs to be updated. The main reason it does this is because older plugins can cause issues, whether it’s a security issue or an actual problem with the functionality of your blog.

Popular Plugins Update Often

Another thing you’ll find is that a lot of popular plugins will be updated often. This is a sign that the plugin is well maintained and constantly being updated, fixed, and improved. If you happen to find a plugin that hasn’t been touched in a long time, it may be better to look elsewhere.

However, there are a few plugins out there that don’t require much attention in terms of upgrades. These are usually simple plugins that do things such as insert your Google Analytics code into your theme.

Make It A Habit

The best advice we can give is to make it a habit to upgrade your plugins. Make it a point to check every so often to see if anything needs attention. It might be daily or weekely, either works as long as you remember to check.

If you need help, check out our tutorial on how to Update WordPress Plugins.

Posted By: Justin Wright

This post was published by Justin Wright on October 2nd, 2009.

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