5 WordPress Video Solutions

With the advent of flash video and quickly loading streaming video, videos are becoming a very popular way to blog. Video blogs are the new hot thing and add an extra level of engagement with your readers. So, if you’re running a WordPress site, what are some video solutions to help you manage lots of videos?

Check out our list of video tools and flash video players for WordPress and take your blog to the next level with advanced WordPress video integration:

Embedded Video

The plugin is made to easily allow the embedding of videos into a blog post. You can embed videos from popular video sharing sites or you upload videos to a server and embed them that way. The plugin does all the hard work of generating embed codes and making sure they display correctly. You can embed video from YouTube, Google Video, Daily Motion, Vimeo and many more. It’s a powerful little tool.

Download Embedded Video Here

WordPress Video Plugin

This plugin is similar to the plugin mentioned above, however it’s a much simpler and slicker implementation. It’s basically a filter for WordPress that allows easy video embedding of supported sites. This means that you can embed the video codes and not have any issues with them displaying correctly in posts.

Download Video Plugin

Flash Video Player

The flash video plugin for WordPress allows you to host your own videos and embed them in your own videoplayer. The implementation is surprisingly simple and it’s a great way to host your own videos. This can be especially useful if you don’t want your videos on popular video sharing sites like YouTube. The plugin has a light footprint, it’s small and doesn’t create and more tables in your precious WordPress Database. A very powerful and useful little tool.

Flash Video Player

Flowplayer for WordPress

Flowplayer is an open source video hosting solution. You can do the same thing that you can with Flash Video Player – that is host your own videos and embed them in your blog posts. You have complete control over how your videos are displayed. You have many options to customize it and display videos the way you want – but you’ll have to pay for a software license to do that. The player itself is slick and works in most browsers. It’s light on it’s toes and does the job well. I’ve had a lot of success with it.

Download Flowplayer

Interactive Video Plugin

The Interactive Video Plugin is more than another video embed tool – it also includes the ability to upload/ record/import videos directly into blog posts. You can easily edit and remix content with an online video editor, enable video responses, manage and track your video content. There are many great ways to customize the video player, include content from other sources and create a rich video experience on your blog. This is a very powerful package and will help give your videoblog that extra slickness to make it stand out.

Download Interactive Video Plugin

Do you have a different plugin you use? If so, tell us what your favorite WordPress video tool Is?

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This post was published by Justin Wright on June 9th, 2009.

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